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  1. cinematicway said: ugh. it was the worst. and the doctor asking rory for permission to hug amy. ughhhhhhhhhhh. why show why.
  2. futurisms said: ugh gross i didn’t even catch that… as if that episode wasn’t bad enough.
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  4. discardedtracesoflove said: augh. mte.
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  7. acaele said: ARE YOU SERIOUS? I just downloaded Let’s Kill Hitler and haven’t watched it yet, but jfc. I keep really really wanting to like this season because I love this Team TARDIS like no other, but MOFFAT. WHAT WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
  8. ailufulg said: the misogyny was OUT OF CONTROL in this episode, i feel like though moffat is usually way sexist in interviews it is generally mostly latent on the actual show. IDK why it has suddenly EXPLODED ALL OVER THE PLACE, uggghhhhhhhh
  9. indecisivespice said: I thought the same thing. Honestly, Moffat, what the Hell.
  10. formerlymareeana said: Yes, it did. :( I don’t understand how it’s possible for Moffat to hear everyone say he’s a sexist fuck and then turn around and write that line.
  11. harryjamspotter said: wow how did i manage to not notice that
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